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Some people are reluctant to seek help from a physician because they are afraid they will be told that their next step toward healing is surgery. The truth is that in many cases physical, occupational therapy or speech-language pathology is a successful next step and surgery or medicine may not be necessary. Weill Cornell offers extensive physical therapy New York City to help with your therapy needs.

When Should a Person Seek Therapy?

Physical Therapy

The old saying is no pain no gain. The old saying is wrong. Although switching from a sedentary life to an active life may cause temporary discomfort or even pain, consistent pain that limits activities is not normal. An important thing to consider is that procrastination in seeking a physical therapist or a referral to a physical therapist can actually do more harm than good—and the outcome could be a prescription or surgical procedure.

Pain is not normal at any age, and accepting pain or a loss of normal function can make a treatable injury permanent or more serious. It is important to seek a referral to a physical therapist before that happens.

Occupational Therapy

When people have trouble doing the things they want or need to do every day, they may need to seek help from an occupational therapist. Occupational therapists may help children with disabilities, or they may help adults who need to be able to tasks on a regular basis. It is not uncommon for occupational therapy to be prescribed when a person has surgery that affects their ability to conduct the daily routines they need to do whether it is getting into a bathtub without assistance or doing their job.

Occupational therapists often help people learn to use adaptive equipment or learn how to compensate and adjust so they can do the things they need to do daily. An occupational therapist may prescribe the use of customized braces, practice with motor-controlled skills, cognitive and perception based training, and work with balance and coordination

Speech-Language Pathology

People who struggle with verbal communication or have swallowing challenges may need to seek help from a speech-language pathologist. These issues may stem from a patient recovering from surgery, a stroke or some other neurological problem, developmental conditions, or an injury.

Speech therapy treatment and evaluation generally focus on issues such as how a patient creates speech, voice, auditory comprehension, finding the correct word for the correct situation, and verbal expression. Speech-language pathologists may also be called upon to help people with reading, writing, attention, memory problems, the ability to solve problems, as well as thinking and learning.

If you or a loved one need physical therapy, occupational therapy, or speech-language pathology, Weil Cornell has the services for physical therapy New York City you will need.

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