Tips for Driving at Night from the traffic school

The fall season is the time when the daylight will fade off quickly, and darkness will be filling up the sky sooner. By the time you leave work, its dark. So you need to head back home in the dark. If your office time gets over at usual timing, then the driving will be comparatively safer for there will be the traffic lights beaming and hundreds of other cars breezing past you. But if the work shift ends at odd hours of late night or morning, the roads will be completely dark with even the stores and buildings turning off the lights.

Using headlights

The most important tip that will come from the traffic school regarding driving at night is to keep the headlights of your car all the time. The lights will help you to have a clear vision of the road in front of you showing every turns and bends. The headlight also acts as an alert light beam so that others driving or walking will know that a car is coming. It works as an alert of the presence of your vehicle on the road. Switch on the lights at least one hour before sunset to cover the haze of the dusk.

Don’t drive too close

It is always a bad idea to get too close to any other car while driving. The problem is more critical at night time. According to the instructions of the traffic school, you should avoid getting near another vehicle when it is pitch dark. Sometimes, you might prefer tailgating another car for having better navigation by following the car closely. It can be dangerous for if suddenly the car in front of you pulls the brake, you might be a few seconds late to pull the brake and directly ram into that car from behind.

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