Top Ten Drinking Countries in the World

While drinking is a serious problem in the United States, unfortunately, this issue does not occur in our country alone. In fact, the US isn’t even one of the top ten countries affected by alcoholism and alcohol abuse, even though we do grapple both problems in every state. Around the world, 240 million people are dependent on alcohol, and 3.3 million people die alcohol-related deaths every year. This is why we need to understand the severity of alcoholism as a global issue.

Some of the countries with the highest alcohol abuse and alcoholism rates experience these problems because there is little else for residents to do but drink. Many people in Belarus, for example, admit that drinking is their personal favorite leisure activity. In other countries, the issue of alcohol abuse is attributed to a long, cultural relationship with the substance or a need to cope with economic or other issues associated with a difficult living situation. No matter what the reason, many people all across the world are abusing and becoming addicted to alcohol, and we must focus on this issue as it affects us as well as the world around us.

The United States is working with major, worldwide organizations to try and create real change for those with a severe history of alcohol abuse, but this is also an issue we can begin to solve at home. If you think someone you love is struggling with alcoholism or a substance abuse disorder, now is the time to get help.  


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