Top Traits to Consider When Purchasing a Dog Kennel

Dog kennels are constructed out of various materials, come in a variety of different sizes, and with numerous amenities. Finding the right dog kennel can be made easier if you understand the traits that you must look for when purchasing one. We encourage you to consider each one of the traits below in respect to your kennel needs to ensure you get the right fit. 

The most obvious trait you need to consider when first purchasing a dog kennel is the size and number of dogs that you plan on housing in it. This is going to be different in respect to everyone’s specific needs. For example, if you are an animal lover with three dogs, the size of your kennel is going to be smaller in respect to the size of commercial dog kennels. If you have a large Boxer, you’re going to need a kennel that is much bigger than a kennel made for a Chihuahua. The size and number of dogs you plan on housing is going to be the biggest determining factor in the kennel that you purchase. 

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The next trait that you should consider is the material the kennel is built out of. This is slightly going to depend on the type of dog that you have. If you have a large dog, it’s likely you’re going to need to have a strong steel material that is anchored to the ground. If you only have a small dog, then a plastic and mobile kennel may be ideal. It’s important to check out the material that the enclosed bedding area is made out of. Avoid materials like wood as they will absorb urine and feces. You should opt for concrete and steel material that is galvanized. This will make cleaning a breeze and keep harmful bacteria and rust from growing and creating a health hazard for your pet. 

The comfort of your pet during the time they spend in the kennel is an important consideration as well. At this point, you should have the right size kennel picked out so that your dog has room to rest, run, and play. Having a bedding section that has a roof over it is very necessary to protect your dog from the heat of the sun and hazardous weather, such as rain or hail. This section should be raised off the ground to keep the cold of the floor from causing possible health issues with your pup. 
Image result for Top Traits to Consider When Purchasing a Dog KennelOne last factor to consider when purchasing a kennel is deciding on whether you want one that is mobile or permanent. If you plan on using the kennel for a small dog that you take on vacations, you’re likely going to want an easy to set up mobile kennel. If you are running a commercial kennel, then a strong permanent setup is going to be your ideal choice. 

Purchasing the right dog kennel is going to depend highly on the needs of you and your pets or clients. You should take all the above considerations into account when deciding on which kennel to purchase. If you do, this will ensure you get the right kennel that will do the job that you need it to effectively do.


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