What’s The Best Fireproof Document Bag for Your Home?

Fireproof document bags are exactly that, fire resistant bag that are designed to keep documents, currencies and valuable papers safely protected from fire hazards, cigarette flames, acts of god and other unexpected disasters. With the world not being as simple as the days past, nowadays, you need a numerous number of documents every day to support your existence – identity proof, passport, insurance papers, bank statements and pass books, attested photos, social security papers and more. Find out how to choose the best fireproof document bag for your own requirements.

Look for zippers

Make sure that the bag comes with zippers, so that the content within them are kept fully intact. Those with metal zipper closure can make things more secure. Check whether there is a pin locking zipper pull having a Master Lock that allows safety. Bags having metal zippers have a combination lock or padlock to keep zipper pull locked to keep things safe. Items that have to kept in desk drawers or safes can easily be stored in these bags.

Look at the heat resistance

Check whether the bags are made of a very reliable fireproof material such as asbestos, and have a Silica liner built in to offer up to 2500F heat resistance. The best ones have an external shell made of any of the two types of roughened substances – fiberglass or asbestos. There are standard bags having I.D window. Look for bags that come with heat resistant material having 2500F rating, so that papers can even be saved from high heat.

Ensure water resistance as well

Get bags in fabrics that can resist water as well as fire. Papers are usually damaged by these two elements, and even if fire does not burn your precious papers the entry of water can ruin the content partly or completely – beyond recognition. Choose bags that come in fabrics such as Canvas, 200 Denier Nylon, Expanded Vinyl, Denier Polyester, Basket Weave or Denier Nylon or Laminated Nylon under an external shell made of high grade fiberglass and Velcro and consisting of a fire retardant thread. This can help prevent the entry of water as well damage by fire.

Look for good size

Your fireproof  bag or pouch should be properly sized, neither too small as to be unable to accommodate your precious papers nor too big to make transportation of the bags difficult. Typical heat resistant bags are 0.7 pounds in overall weight and 12” by 11” in dimensions. Some of these pouches are 14 x 11 x 1 in dimensions. Keep in mind that the bag should be of proper size to fit into your laptop bag, so that in case of a fire hazard at home you can slip it into your bag and keep your important documents safe along with your PC.

Check the type of content allowed

Make sure that the pouch can contain important papers as well as money and heavier items such as jewelry, CD, thumb drive etc. You should also check whether the bag supports lipo charging, so that any fire breakout due to overcharging of poor lipo batteries can be suppressed.

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