Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring Boulder CO

Hardwood flooring options can be overwhelming, but when you peruse our showroom, you may just settle on the sophisticated and rustic look of the wide plank hardwood flooring Boulder CO has to offer. Living in the West, a home with wide plank flooring makes a statement about the past while living in the present.

Farmhouses were one place that wide plank hardwood flooring was used. Recently, designs have revived this type of flooring. Today, we have many more options for color, wood species, finish, and texture. You can create just about any feel you want with this type of flooring, whether it’s rustic and pastoral or chic and modern.

Wide plank hardwood flooring is usually at least five inches in width. It can be as wide as seven or eight inches in width or even wider. The planks are longer than regular hardwood flooring planks, and this helps draw a room’s entire design together and adds a bit of flair to its overall aesthetic.

One option you have is to mix widths of boards if you want to go for a more rustic look and feel. With floors of one width, you’re able to create a seamless contemporary look.

With wide plank flooring, you’ll get distressed textures that remind you of the hand-scraped planks of the past. You’ll also see a softer texture that looks like a gentle wear. This can draw attention to aspects of the wood itself like knots.

If you’re not sure of what type of wood species you want, you have many option. Traditional species, such as maple, oak, or hickory are great options that go with most wooden cabinets or trim in a home as well as different types of furnishings. Some exotic species also lend themselves beautifully to wide plank flooring. No matter what you choose, wide plank flooring makes a beautiful statement.

With the wide range of options available, you’ll see that the wide plank hardwood flooring Boulder CO companies can offer will be the perfect addition to your home. When you’re selecting your wood, it makes sense to work with the best in the area.

Our sales and installation crews are professionals and are very knowledgeable about products and techniques and design. They can answer any questions you have about options for wide plank hardwood flooring Boulder CO has to offer. Come visit our showroom to learn more about wide plank hardwood flooring and to talk about installing it in your home today.

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